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eyelash extensions in cleveland, ohio and the surrounding areas

provided in the comfort of your own home



some of the finest forms of self-care take place in the comfort of personal quarters—meditation, bubble baths, skincare routines.

 a fresh set of eyelash extensions should be no different.

you are the muse; your artist should come to you.

eyelash extensions cleveland ohio

services include: classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume lash extensions

lash extensions cleveland, ohio

your personal lash artist

mobile lash tech in cleveland, oh

Mobile lash artistry provides you the luxury of receiving personalized lash services at your convenience.

At muse, these services are viewed as an extension of your self-care routine, and should therefore stay in the comfort of your own space. For this reason, your artist comes to you.

How does it work? Simply book your session, input your location details when prompted, and Melanie will arrive with everything she needs to provide you a quality lash experience in which your comfort—and lash health—takes priority above all else.


The only thing she needs of each client's space: access to an electrical outlet.

 While her interests in beauty and wellness have manifested themselves in various ways over the years, one thing has remained constant in Melanie's career — vision. Trends come and go, styles go in and out, but the vision for muse has always been built on the belief that beauty should be a timeless experience unmarked by virality. At muse, it takes a form of self-care which simply enhances the subtleties that are already there. The goal after each session? To get you one step closer to becoming your own muse.

After obtaining a BA in Media & Communication Studies from UMBC, Melanie worked as marketing director at an Ohio-based aesthetic surgeon's office. Finding that her preferred path involved more creativity and hands-on work, she began freelance product photography. Her love for skincare grew exponentially throughout this process, until she finally decided to become a licensed esthetician and start muse.


A move to a little apartment in Ohio City limited her opportunity to operate from a home studio like she did in the beginning, but it drove her to begin offering her services in a completely mobile manner. Now, she is able to conveniently travel to her clients all over the greater Cleveland area with everything she needs to provide luxury eyelash extensions Cleveland

types of eyelash extensions

classic lashes

A classic set uses a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash.

hybrid lashes

A hybrid set uses a mix of classic lashes and volume fans.

hybrid eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
hybrid eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
hybrid lash extensions in cleveland ohio
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volume lashes

A volume set uses three to ten thin eyelash extension fibers that make a fan shape, allowing for a look of fuller lashes. This set allows for various styles of lash including wispy, foxy, strip lash, wet sets, angel sets, eyeliner looks, etc.

volume eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
wispy volume eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
volume lash extensions in cleveland ohio


Professionals trained in Lash Artistry go by various titles, including "Lash Technicians, "Lash Techs", " "Lash Artists," and "Lash Stylists."

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance natural eyelashes' length, curl, fullness, and thickness. Numerous materials, such as mink, silk, synthetic, human, or horsehair, can be used to make the extensions. The primary method of applying eyelash extensions involves adhering the extension(s) to the natural lash 0.5-1 millimeter from its base, never coming in contact with the eyelid.

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