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mobile lash artist in cleveland ohio

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muse mobile lash artistry

At muse, beauty takes a form of self-care which enhances what you already have. You, as a client, are simultaneously the muse and the canvas. For this reason—in tandem with the idea that self-care shouldn't have to leave the comfort of your own space—your artist comes to you

How does it work? Simply book your session, input your location details when prompted, and Melanie will arrive with everything she needs to provide you a quality lash experience in which your comfort and lash health take priority above all else.


The only thing she needs of each client's space: access to an electrical outlet.

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artist's kit

arrow pointing at the award for best lash artist in cleveland ohio
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session breakdown

     I.       Artist setup: station will be set up, complete with warm, comfortable blankets, a leg rest, and soothing music or a podcast, depending on


    II.       Muse consultation

                    i.     as your eye shape, natural lash count, natural lash health, and natural lash curl are being analyzed, you will

                           discuss what your preferences are in terms of style, density, shape, length, etc. Melanie will then map out emphasis points on your 

                           eyelids while your eyes are open. It is important to note that some people's natural lashes can handle more than others, so during this

                           stage, Melanie will set realistic expectations with you. Your end result is entirely dependent on your natural lashes, and since natural lash

                           health is her greatest priority, she may have to make modifications to any specified style to ensure that no damage is being done to your

                           natural eyelashes.

   III.       Canvas cleanse and prep

                    i.     for retention purposes, it is of utmost importance that the natural lashes are properly cleansed so as to avoid adhesion

                           of any extensions to oils, debris, or buildup that may be present. A foam cleanser is used with a soft bristled brush to cleanse the entire

                           eye area, followed by a thorough rinse with warm water and a patting dry with a soft towel. Your lower lashes will then be taped down,

                           and primer will be applied to your natural lashes to prep them for extensions and to maximize retention. This is also where Melanie will

                           map out your extension lengths based off of the markings she made previously.

  IV.         Service completion and reveal

                    i.      extensions will be applied over a 2-3 hour time period, sealant will be applied, and the results will be revealed. First-

                            time full set clients will be given a complimentary cleanser for daily use, and an aftercare card. All clients will receive three spoolies

                            following each session.

    V.        Photographs and video: with your permission, Melanie will take photos and short video clips of your finished result to share on muse's socials

               and website.

   VI.       Coverage of remaining payment: cash, credit/debit card, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Cash App are all accepted forms of payment. Cash,

              Zelle, and Venmo are preferred.

 VII.        Artist cleanup: station will be broken down and packed up, while Melanie kindly asks for a google review if you feel so inclined :) She will then be

              off, and will see you at your next session in 2-3 weeks.

best lash tech in cleveland ohio

about: the artist

While her interests in beauty and wellness have manifested themselves in various ways over the years, one thing has remained constant in Melanie's career — vision. Trends come and go, styles go in and out, but the vision for Muse has always been built on the belief that beauty should be a timeless experience unmarked by virality. At muse, it takes a form of self-care which simply enhances the subtleties that are already there. The goal after each session? To get you one step closer to becoming your own muse.


After obtaining a BA in Media & Communication Studies from UMBC, Melanie worked as marketing director at an Ohio-based aesthetic surgeon's office. Finding that her preferred path involved more creativity and hands-on work, she began freelance product photography. Her love for skincare grew exponentially throughout this process, until she finally decided to become a licensed esthetician and start muse.

A move to a little apartment in Cleveland limited her opportunity to operate from a home studio like she did in the beginning, but it drove her to begin offering her services in a completely mobile manner. Now, she is able to conveniently travel to her clients all over Cleveland and the surrounding areas with everything she needs to provide luxury lash services

types of eyelash extensions

classic lashes

A classic set uses a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash.

hybrid lashes

A hybrid set uses a mix of classic lashes and volume fans.

hybrid eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
hybrid eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
hybrid lash extensions in cleveland ohio

volume lashes

A volume set uses three to ten thin eyelash extension fibers that make a fan shape, allowing for a look of fuller lashes. This set allows for various styles of lash including wispy, foxy, strip lash, etc.

volume eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
wispy volume eyelash extensions in cleveland ohio
volume lash extensions in cleveland ohio

lash extensions alternative: lash lift & tint

If eyelash extensions aren't for you, try a lash lift and tint. A Lash Lift is a 6-8 week semi-permanent curling treatment that gives your natural lashes a more youthful and lifted appearance.

lash lift and tint in cleveland ohio
lash lift and tint in cleveland ohio
lash lift in cleveland ohio

eyelash extensions overview​

Professionals trained in Lash Artistry go by various titles, including "Lash Technicians, "Lash Techs", " "Lash Artists," and "Lash Stylists."

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance natural eyelashes' length, curl, fullness, and thickness. Numerous materials, such as mink, silk, synthetic, human, or horsehair, can be used to make the extensions. The primary method of applying eyelash extensions involves adhering the extension(s) to the natural lash 0.5-1 millimeter from its base, never coming in contact with the eyelid.

how much do lash extensions cost?

In the United States, eyelash extension services can range from $30 to $500, depending on the:

  • number and type of lashes being used

  • skill level of the cosmetologist or esthetician

  • venue where the extensions are applied

what to expect

It can take one to three hours to attach a new set of eyelashes because the average person may have between 100 and 200 lashes per eye. The number of eyelashes that can be worn depends on the natural lashes already present. Because humans lose natural eyelashes every day, the eyelash extensions usually last between three and four weeks, and during that time, natural lashes start falling out or thinning. A refill is needed to maintain a complete set of eyelashes every two to three weeks. Natural lashes shouldn't be harmed if everything is done correctly. To protect against eye complications and promote lash growth, it's critical to find a qualified professional.


To ensure that your expectations are met and preserve the integrity of your natural lashes, a consultation is provided before the session so that you'll leave with the look you love. An assessment of your unique eye shape, along with the density, health, and length of your natural eyelashes, will help determine safe extension lengths and thicknesses to achieve your vision best while maintaining your natural eyelash health.

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